Published On: 20 August 2023Categories: Stories

Message from our CEO:

There are so many amazing stories we would love to tell you, about how the lives of individuals have been helped and protected from the long-term impacts of mental health and despair. However, we cannot always do that due to the sensitivity, seriousness and confidentiality around the challenges so many of those we get to support are facing every day.

Not being able to share this does make it tough at times for our team of Chaplains and Mentors who would greatly benefit from the greater depth of understanding, encouragement and support. Please be assured that while the stories are not always shared, each of our amazing team is creating a positive and long-term impact in the community, that they love and care for so many each week.

Regardless, they do it every week. They sacrifice so much of themselves and care for so many, irrespective of whether you ever know the depth of impact they have had on someone’s life for the better.

Every Chaplain and Mentor who signs up to be a part of our team is one beautiful person serving to make life better, one relationship at a time.

Recently, one of our Chaplains called me and said (weeping in the process of sharing) “I had a conversation today with a student I have been supporting for sometime, they said to me “thank you for caring, if it wasn’t for the conversation we had the other day, I would not be alive…”

We will never know the full story, but you can see that some hope has now been re-established in that young person’s life.

Investing in our Chaplains and Mentors is so important, making sure they are cared for, have the strength and resources they need to turn up every day and be there when someone needs it. This is worth investing in.

Please pray for our valued team, pray for strength, wisdom, peace, courage, joy and especially the opportunity to make a difference in one person’s life each day. If you personally know a Chaplain or a Mentor consider reaching out personally and thanking them for bringing hope and life in what they do – I know it will make a difference to them!

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