About Us

Devonport Chaplaincy exists to make life better, one relationship at a time. Our vision is that positive, sustainable and intentional mentoring relationships will become an everyday part of community life.

Our Mandate

Devonport Chaplaincy is founded on the Christian imperative of serving those in need. In the Gospels of Matthew and Mark, the Bible records that Jesus “came not to be served, but to serve”, to give his life as a sacrifice for many.

Chaplaincy, one-on-one mentoring, learner-driver mentoring, school breakfast programs, training and practical care help students thrive, strengthen families and change communities.

Our History

Devonport Chaplaincy Incorporated started in 2005 to deliver chaplaincy and related mentoring programs to schools in Devonport, Port Sorell and Sheffield.

An initiative of the Devonport Church, chaplains were appointed to 14 local schools, serving teachers, parents and students as part of the overall range of school care and support services to promote health and well-being.

Over time, mentoring expanded to include breakfast programs, one-on-one student mentoring, learner driver mentoring, education programs and leadership development.

Community Mentoring Tasmania was formed to develop and deliver mentoring programs as part of the COACH community mentoring network.

In 2018, Devonport Chaplaincy Inc started Loaves and Fishes Tasmania as a social enterprise to provide food relief for students, their families and the wider community, and employment opportunities including school-based traineeships.

Our Values

As a representative of the Devonport Church, Devonport Chaplaincy is committed to delivering services in accordance with State and Federal guidelines and being accountable to the board, representative church leaders and the schools we serve, including principals, parents and students.

We value relationships based on mutual respect, trust, communication and accountability.

We also value innovation, growth and excellence.

Our Impact

Chaplaincy and mentoring has positively influenced tens of thousands of people in the past decade, from providing breakfast in schools, to individual encouragement and support of teachers, families and students, to helping learners get their licence.

Chaplaincy and mentoring have the overwhelming support of school principals, teachers, parents and students. An independent survey of the chaplaincy program confirms what we already know—it works!

However, the proof is best provided by those directly involved in partnering with us through their personal stories

Our Partners

  • C3 Church, Devonport
  • Devonport Anglican Church
  • Devonport Church of Christ
  • Devonport Presbyterian Church
  • Gateway Church
  • Hope Christian Church
  • Lutheran Church Devonport
  • Oldaker Christian Church
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church
  • Pathway to Life
  • Lifeway Baptist Church
  • The Salvos
  • Kentish Parish Uniting Church
  • Lower Barrington Baptist
  • Sheffield Baptist Church
  • Sheffield Catholic Church

Ulverstone Churches

  • Leven Roland Uniting church
  • Life Church Ulverstone
  • Ulverstone Sprent Uniting Church

Port Sorell Churches

  • Bridge of Hope Anglican
  • Catholic Church Port Sorell
  • Holy Trinity Anglican
  • Life Church Port Sorell
  • Lighthouse Christian Fellowship
  • Wesley vale Community Church


  • Andrews Creek Primary School
  • Devonport Christian School
  • Devonport High School
  • Devonport Primary School
  • Don College
  • East Devonport Primary School
  • East Ulverstone Primary School
  • Geneva Christian College
  • Hillcrest Primary School
  • Indie School, Devonport
  • Latrobe High School
  • Latrobe Primary School
  • Leighland Christian School
  • Miandetta Primary School
  • Nixon Street Primary School
  • Port Sorell Primary School
  • Railton Primary School
  • Reece High School
  • Sheffield Primary School
  • SPACE School, Devonport
  • Ulverstone Primary School
  • Ulverstone Secondary college
  • West Ulverstone Primary School

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