Serving Community

Devonport Chaplaincy is the local church in action. Our commitment is to serving our community by establishing holistic support and care for students and their families through our chaplains and volunteer networks. We work collaboratively with our local community towards proactive and life changing solutions that will support towards a positive and vibrant future.  Our compelling motivation is the example of Jesus Christ. “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Matthew 20:28

Our teams, volunteers, churches, partner organisations and businesses are local people committed to this community and region with a desire to see it be the best it can be. They each show a commitment to and uphold the value and importance of every person.


The Vision of Devonport Chaplaincy

To see a “Life Changing Chaplaincy in Every Devonport School”


A Chaplain in each of the following Schools

  • Don College
  • Devonport High
  • Devonport Christian School
  • Devonport Primary
  • East Devonport Primary
  • Geneva Christian College
  • Hillcrest Primary
  • Miandetta Primary
  • Nixon Street Primary
  • Reece High
  • Spreyton Primary
  • Port Sorell Primary
  • Railton Primary
  • Sheffield School

Our commitment as the “Local Church” is to “Serve Education” throughout the Devonport region. We seek to do this by establishing holistic and broad support for students and their families through our Chaplains and Volunteer networks. We value the importance of a “Local Community and Region” working together to support one another towards a positive and vibrant future.


Serving and Caring

Chaplains, Mentors and Volunteers enthusiastically and positively meeting the pastoral needs of students, Staff and Parents in the local school and connecting people with local Churches and Community organisations.



Financial and Sustainable

Good financial support for School Chaplaincy in the Devonport region, ensuring that Chaplains can have maximum impact in the Schools they serve enabling them to make a positive difference.



Investing in the future

The Children and Youth of region today, are the future of Our City, Our Nation, Our World! ….. Our Investment must be now!


Our Values

The core values of Devonport Chaplaincy; what we’re about, what we stand for, how we make decisions, how we treat / interact with our stakeholders, how we treat each other as a team and how we work together. It is who we are. It’s our DNA.

We REPRESENT the Devonport Church (affiliate churches of the DCLA) in the implementation and development of Chaplaincy and Community support. As the Church we are committed to developing valued and supportive connections with Community.

We represent with INTEGRITY. Devonport Chaplaincy, on behalf of the Church, ensures the delivery of all programs and service are done in accordance with State and Federal guidelines.

The team is ACCOUNTABLE to a board and all affiliate Churches for the progress, development and financial position of Devonport Chaplaincy.


We seek to always operate in a culture of SERVANT LEADERSHIP.

These are key values in every relationship for us as a team and organisation.

  • we RESPECT every person.
  • we seek to nurture an environment of BELONGING
  • PEOPLE are before PROGRESS
  • the spiritual, personal GROWTH and WELLBEING of each individual is our focus

DCI is committed to SUSTAINABILITY.  Our commitment is establishing valued and sustainable support for those in need across our community. Moving from the “hand out”  to focussing on the “hand up”. To this end, DCI seeks and pursues many

To this end, DCI seeks and pursues many INNOVATIVE approaches to community engagement. We view the welfare of our City, not as a “business” but as “serving”. In this, we operate with strong business sense and practice but at the same time exercise “faith” and “vision’ to ensure serving people alway’s remains our focus.

DCI is committed to WORKING TOGETHER for positive community outcomes.