Published On: 13 December 2023Categories: Stories

All I want for Christmas is a driving session, school breakfast, and mental health first aid training!

These are some of the things you can buy that special someone who already has a drawer full of socks and undies, and does not want a box of Cadbury Favourites or a gift voucher.

You can feed students a healthy breakfast, provide a driver mentor for a student who can’t afford professional lessons or doesn’t have access to a vehicle in which to drive, through the Devonport Chaplaincy Christmas Gift Appeal – Gifts with a Purpose.

Make a donation on our online shop and you will receive one of three FREE cards on behalf of Devonport Chaplaincy.

Look how far your money goes:

$35 buys a driving session

$65 pays for a school chaplain for two hours

$100 pays for breakfast for one school

$125 supplies a chaplain for half a day at a local school

$150 pays for mental health first aid training for an individual

$300 supplies a chaplain for a day

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