Chaplains work as part of the school support network, including the school nurse, social worker and psychology services to promote student, teacher and family health and well-being.

Reece High School principal Grant Armistead describes chaplains as the school “triage service” and “good cops” of the school; the “expert listeners and encouragers” who are “independent and non-judgmental”.

Chaplains have a diverse role, from organising the school breakfast program, to providing a safe space for students to share their thoughts and feelings, to organising food relief and other practical care for families.

A comprehensive 2017 independent research report confirms the enormous value of chaplaincy.

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Student Mentoring

One-to-one volunteer mentors provide students with a caring and supportive relationship that can help them through school and enable them to be better equipped for further education, future employment and ongoing relationships.

Every mentoring relationship is designed to be flexible enough to meet each student's specific individual needs and ultimately to improve their self-esteem, associated health and well-being, academic performance and school attendance.

Mentors generally meet weekly with students before or after school for 70 to 90 minutes.

Driver Mentoring

Easy Ps Driver mentors develop a caring and supportive relationship with learner drivers who cannot afford lessons or don’t have access to a vehicle in which to practice.

Mentors share their driving and life experience and provide support, feedback and encouragement to learners as they share the road.

Having a driver’s licence builds self-esteem, improves work, study and social opportunities and provides freedom.

Easy Ps is a member of peak body Driver Mentoring Tasmania.


Our Food 4 Thought breakfast program provides students with a nutritious breakfast prepared in the Loaves and Fishes Tasmania Devonport kitchen.

Loaves and Fishes also provides food hampers for families through the chaplaincy program.

Chaplains also support parents, teachers and students in times of crisis such as bereavement, family breakdown and sickness.


Devonport Chaplaincy provides a range of training opportunities such as mental health training for youth, parents and caregivers in partnership with Mental Health First Aid Australia. Complete an expression of interest and we will get back to you with dates and times.

We also facilitate school-based traineeships, a one-day leadership intensive for Grade 6 students, and an overseas exposure trip to serve poor communities in Cambodia.

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