Sarah Groenwold and student Emma Johnston at Don College

Don College chaplain Sarah Groenwold with Year 12 student Emma Johnston.

By Andrew Hillier, CEO Devonport Chaplaincy and Loaves and Fishes Tasmania.

We are seeking to raise $85,000 between now and June 30 to continue and hopefully expand chaplaincy and mentoring throughout our region.

Sixty thousand dollars is the current gap between what the Government, churches and other corporate partners commit on an annual basis to Devonport Chaplaincy, and what we actually need to fund our 17 chaplains and support team.

An extra $25,000 would provide an additional school chaplain.

Every dollar beyond our $85,000 goal will provide even more chaplains and mentors.

You can make a general donation now

Some chaplains, like all our student and driver mentors, are volunteers, while the remainder are paid modestly and put in many extra hours at no cost.

We have 17 regular school chaplains and three crisis chaplains serving Port Sorell, Ulverstone, Devonport, Sheffield and Railton.

Our support staff care for our chaplains and more than 120 student and learner-driver mentors. Their roles include recruitment, training and support.

Please help us to make life better, one relationship at a time.

Andrew Hillier and Erin Cooper

Devonport Chaplaincy and Loaves and Fishes CEO, Andrew Hillier, with ABC journalist Erin Cooper sampling school breakfast club muffins made at our Devonport kitchen.