Andrew Hillier

By Devonport Chaplaincy CEO Andrew Hillier.

With a new year in front of us, we all have many opportunities to make good change, learning from the many lessons of a challenging 2020.

I make no excuse to once again highlight the standout — the value and importance of relationships — the significance of being part of a strong local community and the ability for people to experience a true sense of belonging by being a part of something greater than themselves.

For many, this revelation is cause for change. As I have said previously, if it doesn't have a high “R value” (relationship), I must carefully consider the time and investment I make. For the year 2021, I am committed to leading a team and organisation where this is our priority. It will drive the decisions we make and determine any structure or process we put in place.

Bold plan to double influence

We have set the bold goal in 2021 of more than doubling the number of chaplains and mentors who invest in the lives of others.

Our goal is to increase chaplaincy days from an average of two per week per school to five so we can meet the growing and complex needs of students, their families and teachers.

Similarly, we want to double the number of school and learner-driver mentors from 65 to 130.

These goals are in response to the demand expressed by our school and community partners. They are pleading with us to bring our passion, skills and experience into their school community.

To achieve our goals, we need lots more people, churches and businesses willing to invest time and money.

I invite you to give either, or both.


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