70 minutes that can change attitude towards learning

The Devonport Chaplaincy Support2Learn mentoring program enables you as part of this local community the opportunity to volunteer at least 70 minutes per week as a tutor. As a tutor you provide support to young people who are facing learning difficulties. Given that the Support2Learn program is different to other tutoring programs it ensures that the foundation is relationship.

Your mentoring and tutoring aims to not only, overcome immediate learning problems, but in the context of positive relationship it helps support students, emotionally, socially, spiritually and to encourage positive beliefs and attitudes toward learning. This helps to sustain a young persons interest in school encouraging them to pursue their chosen paths in the future. A positive attitude toward learning and selfbelief in their own ability is related to improved school performance and success in achieving learningrelated goals generally.


70 minutes that can change the future

Support2Learn tutoring is narrow in scope to address identified learning needs but at the same time it ensures that the important value of relationship is central. This brings the vital and important balance that helps bring holistic support and care for young people.

Better Relationships

Students with in a dedicated 1 to 1 mentoring show significant in their relationships with their peers, family and friends. Stable and healthy relationships, greater desire to learn.

Established sense of belonging

As a result of young people feeling they “belong” resilience is developed subsequently having a positive impact on the students social, emotional spiritual wellbeing. Further benefit towards being in positive place for learning.

Helps to create purpose and direction

The input of a significant other helps a student to work with clarity towards establishing a clear purpose and direction for their future pathways. This purpose and directions helps a student be in a better place to learn.

Literacy and numeracy development

Research has shown that a young persons motivation and achievement improves when a “significant other” is involved in their education. There are many everyday things you can do to encourage learning and development.

School work, homework

A student at risk, maybe with parental input or significant other may lack the opportunity to have input around Schoolwork or homework. You have the opportunity as part of the Support2Learn program to be that significant other.

Life skills tasks involving reading and writing

A Tutor provides experience and encouragement. They do not provide “answers”, but rather assist in problem solving, and guide the learner in how to get answers. Your life experience could be life changing for some students, just because you care.


Life Transforming

Students with a Support2Learn Mentor have shown a marked increase in schoolwork and socializing with classmates along with a decrease in disruptive behavior, and inattention in class. This is a happy situation for all concerned the parent, teacher, class, and most importantly the student.

The long-term benefits of this are significant when you consider the benefits to our community let alone the fact that young people have the opportunity to leave school with purpose, direction and increased value in their lives.

As a Support2Learn Mentor you can be a positively influential person who can significantly help another person reach a major life goal. Mentoring is a protected relationship in which learning and experimentation can occur, potential skills can be developed, and in which results can be measured in terms of competencies gained rather than curricular territory covered. It is a relationship, it is not an activity.

Changing Lives

Students with a Support2Learn Mentor have shown a significant change and transformation in their emotional resilience and thus a higher level of engagement with learning and acknowledging their own responsibilities and developing the ability to self regulate.

Relationship is the key here. There are many testimonies of this being the case. Consider the following real life story. A Mentor was asked by a school staff member, What have Numeracy activities have you been doing with your student because his Math’s and other subjects have improved significantly? To which the Mentor answered, “Nothing, I’ve just spent time with him”.

This is a common experience in the mentoring of young people in our Schools, they are just simply looking for a significant other to invest some time and interest into them and often as result of that has a huge impact on many other areas of their life including their academic achievements. Many Mentors spend time with their mentoree helping them with their Literacy or Numeracy needs, but ultimately it’s about Relationship!


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin


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