70 minutes that can change a future

The Devonport Chaplaincy Prepare4Work mentoring program enables you as part of this local community the opportunity to volunteer as a mentor. You will work 1 to 1 with a student helping them specifically to be work ready. Many at risks students experience major obstacles that place them behind the mark when it comes to functioning effectively in the workplace.

The mentoring relationship is designed to be flexible to meet each students specific individual needs and ultimately to improve their self esteem, associated health and attendance at school.

Prepare4Work mentoring is often done in conjunction with a work placement thereby helping the student in the context of real life work experience

Prepare 4Work is the ideal opportunity for tradesman, business owners and workplace managers to volunteer at least 70 minutes per week and share their life experience in a mentoring context in a positive way that will support a young person into the workplace.


Being ready for work can change a young persons life

In one sense it seems almost too simple, too easy, but the fact remains, having another person come alongside you, who believes in you and is prepared to commit to helping you achieve your goals is life changing. As a Prepare4Work mentor you are helping a young person to be work ready.

Better Relationships

Students within a dedicated 1 to 1 mentoring relationship show significant improvement their relationships with their peers, family and friends. A vital component for success in the workplace and the gaining an understanding and importance of working as part of a team.

Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance at school is improved as a result of student feeling more connected through their mentoring relationship. The importance of punctuality is realised which in turn impacts the outcomes of a students work experience. The long-term benefit is a realisation of how important this is in retaining ongoing employment.

Improvement in School work

As a result of the positive input of a significant other, students with a mentor show marked improvement in their literacy and numeracy outcomes. This has a noticeable impact on a student’s future employability.

Helps to create purpose and direction

A mentor can have huge impact on a student establishing a strong sense of purpose and direction for their life, career pathway and how it is they can be best prepared to maximise life’s opportunities.

Established sense of belonging

As a result of young people feeling they “belong” resilience is developed subsequently having a positive impact on the students social, emotional spiritual wellbeing.

Sharing of Life Skills, Experience and Work ethic

Prepare4Work mentoring relationships create such a unique opportunity for positive life skills to be handed down to our future generation. Many of the participants in this program have not had the benefit of positive input around employment skills and work ethic.


Life Transforming

Students with a Mentor have shown a marked increase in schoolwork and socialising with classmates along with a decrease in disruptive behavior, and inattention in class. This is a happy situation for all concerned, the parent, teacher, class, and most importantly the student.

The long-term benefits of this are significant. Think of this in terms of the benefits to our community let alone the fact that young people have the opportunity to leave school with a sense of purpose, direction and value for their lives.

Mentoring has a “life transforming” impact and will bring about positive change for our future generations.

As a Mentor you can be a positively influential person who can significantly help another person reach a major life goal. Mentoring is a protected relationship in which learning can occur, potential skills can be developed, and in which results can be measured in terms of competencies gained rather than curricular territory covered. It is a relationship, it is not an activity.

You can change the future!

Students with a Mentor have shown a significant change and transformation in their emotional resilience. A better ability to adapt to stressful situations resulting in improved social and educational outcomes. Particularly situations that they may face as a new and inexperienced person in the workplace

A direct result of this for students means that they then have higher level of engagement with learning and recognise their own responsibilities and develop self-regulation.

A student was allocated with a mentor as they began their one day per week, six-month work placement. After the first few weeks some challenges and fears developed for this student around relating to others on the work site. As a result the student almost decided it was to hard and thought about giving up. In this instance they had a Prepare4Work Mentor who was meeting with them regularly. As this student had a positive relationship with their mentor they chose to open up about their problems (problems they had not  even shared with their grade teacher). They talked, then the mentor, with permission from the student, contacted school staff, employers and as a result a positive outcome was reached for this student. If this student had not been in this mentoring relationship they would have most likely entered the ongoing cycle of being disconnected and perceived as an under achiever, being negatively disconnected from any employment prospects. These situations can often be the beginning of the downhill slope towards a negative future, your 70 minutes per week can make a big difference!


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