Preparing Grade Six kids to lead the way

This exciting initiative is a partnership between Devonport Chaplaincy and Camp Clayton. It is a one day Leadership Intensive that is provided to all grade 6 students in the Devonport region. The program is provided free of charge to schools. The intensive helps all participants improve their physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual health as well as the opportunity to establish and develop necessary life leadership skills. It helps to establish these skills as they move towards that big “next step” of going to High School.

The specifically identified aims tailored to year six students include, providing team building opportunities, development of leadership skills and providing students with new and challenging experiences. This is all done in the beautiful setting of Camp Clayton utilising the fantastic array of outdoor equipment and activities. All of elements of this intensive are lead and supervised by our fully trained team of Chaplains and activity facilitators.


Every kid’s a leader!

The Grade Six Leadership Intensive is designed to equip ALL grade six kids around the vital importance and value of how in life we all lead in some way or another. We all impact others with our attitude through our good or bad example. Knowing that someone may be looking up to us is so vital in understanding the importance of our ability to impact another person through our own actions.

Role Modeling in a leadership role

Helping kids understand the importance how they are an example to someone. The importance of Role Modelling.

Leaders putting the needs of their people before their own (Servant leadership)

Being a leader is not necessarily about being the boss and telling someone what to do. Helping develop the understanding and value of being a servant leader.

Unique individual skills

Every person has been given unique and valuable skills. It is so important as we grow up to understand this and to realise who that we’ve been designed to be.

Teamwork – many parts in one team.

Learning to work as part of team in a very individualised world. Such an important lesson that is learned through the Grade6 Leadership intensive.

Whole class participation

The Grade 6 Leadership Intensive is designed to involve the whole class. No one child is left out. Every student is considered important and valued.

Todays generation serving our future generation

An opportunity for leaders of today, members of our community and many who have had extensive life experience to positively contribute to our future generations in a proactive and life changing way.


Every grade six child gets involved

The Grade Six Leadership Intensive has now been run across all of our primary schools in this region. Over 300 grade six kids per year undertake this intensive allowing them the opportunity to be equipped and encouraged in vital leadership skills, preparing them as they take their next big step towards High School. As a one day intensive, with strategic pre and post input from their chaplains and teachers, the leadership intensive serves as a valuable life skills program.

This program involves all students in grade 6. No child is left out and every child is valued for their input on the day. This is a significant element of this day as it so beautifully equips the young student to survive in a very individualistic society. It places value on the individual whilst at the same time recognises unique abilities. It helps them to best use their ability on the journey of life.

A day that can change the future

With comments like this, from a Grade 6 Student who previously completed the Leadership Intensive, it can be clearly seen why it is good that we put all our grade six kids through this program. “The leadership day taught me about people we look up to and that people look up to us, if I’m a good role model and serve others, it should be a good future”.

Experience has shown us that all kids benefit from this day by gaining a greater understanding of what it is to work as part of a team and how important our example and our behaviour effects those around us. These are two lessons that will have a positive impact on the future. Grade 6 is the time where students go from being kids to teenagers. How good it is that we have the opportunity to provide these valuable life lessons through the provision of this Leadership Intensive.


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