Such an Important Meal for Learning Minds

Food 4 Thought identifies and addresses the needs of disadvantaged students in our Schools across our Devonport region by ensuring a nutritious “BREKKIE” is provided to students who need it. Breakfast is such an important meal for learning minds and helps young people to positively get the day underway.

This is a collaborative community program with the aim of improving the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual health of disadvantaged students. The Food4Thought program works closely with the School community to either run a school breakfast program or support the existing structures.

Devonport Chaplaincy has established a central source of supplies that enable breakfast programs across the Devonport region to operate. A range of fresh fruit, bread, milk and cereals needed to provide a healthy nutritious breakfast. Devonport Chaplaincy also provides volunteers and training through its extensive volunteer network. You can be a Devonport Chaplaincy volunteer today and help out with the Food 4 thought program.


Why a Breakfast Program

There are many good reasons why it is important for a young person to start their day with a good breakfast. Devonport Chaplaincy is committed to supporting all our Schools in ensuring that this vital and important support for our kids is available all year round.

Students are ready to learn

Having a good meal before you start the day is vital for an active and healthy mind.

Establish better eating habits

Breakfast clubs for young people who often skip brekky are known to help them establish better eating habits.

Students learn to socialize with others

Breakfast together with others in a casual and relaxed environment. Students who struggle to socialize easily often find this opportunity around having breakfast a change to develop positive relationships.

Increased School participation

A sharper mind, better eating habits, and improved socialization all result in increased school participation. Good for the student’s educational and personal wellbeing all round.

Informal and relaxed opportunity to access support and pastoral care

Students and families in some cases find the breakfast club a more comfortable way of connecting with the support they need. All Devonport Chaplaincy volunteers are trained and equipped to refer and connect people with the right support to help with their needs.

Develops vital life skills

Up for Brekky, on time at school, connecting with others, learning more and getting help when needed, Food4Thought helps young people establish vital life skills. That’s why this program is so important.


Healthy Meal, Healthy Mind

Many of our schools report that before commencing a breakfast program many students were unaware of the importance of eating breakfast. They also had little understanding of eating healthily. A breakfast program ensures that students eat at least one healthy meal a day.

Schools have identified improved behaviour in students when they have come to school early and spent time in the breakfast program. This time enables them to settle into the school environment before beginning classes.

As well as being able to get some breakfast, students have access to support such as the Chaplain, Mentors or other volunteers who work as part of the Food 4 Thought breakfast club team. These volunteers provide excellent role models, assisting with the development of oral language and social skills, and giving children insights into the world of work. They take a keen interest in the lives of the children, and build warm and friendly relationships with them.

Healthy Meal, Changed Lives

Providing our students with the opportunity to eat breakfast when they most likely would not is having a significant effect on educational outcomes. Many teachers and educational staff can testify to the direct benefits breakfast programs are having in their classroom. ‘One of the students before attending breakfast club would scavenge through the rubbish bins in the yard for scraps, which she would collect and then eat’. Another child was often in sick bay complaining of stomach pains, which were due to hunger. The child used to miss class time. Now attends breakfast club and this has ceased’

Breakfast Clubs in our schools with the help of Devonport Chaplaincy – Food4Thought is helping to bring positive change into the classroom and helping to improve educational outcomes.

One particular boy came in with no manners and very little ‘breakfast skills – He now comes in washes his hands, says ‘Good Morning’, is polite and eats his breakfast with no help, washes his dishes and says ‘Goodbye’. That is almost what happens with most kids that come in for breakfast now.


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