50 Hours that matter

By simply gaining a license, a young persons life circumstances can be positively changed, opening up doors of opportunity and employability prospects, so necessary for a good sense of well-being in this community.

The Easy P’s Learner Driver Mentor program helps students of the Devonport region and/or their parents or guardians, obtain their provisional driver’s license, where they would otherwise have no access to a suitable vehicle or their own supervisory driver. It also provides for them an opportunity to be connected with a responsible adult, role model or mentor from our community.

Eligible participants are matched with a licensed volunteer mentor driver who helps them acquire valuable driving experience in a range of different driving conditions and gain their 50 hours of supervised driving time that is required to advance from a learner to a provisional license.


Opening up life’s box of options

The Northwest Coast of Tasmania has many isolated areas that don’t come with all the public transport infrastructures and facilities that exist in other cities of Australia. That means not holding a license can be very limiting. Then benefits of gaining a driver’s license through the Easy P’s program speak for themselves.

Road Safety

More safety on the road through improved driving skills of the participant.

Improved employability prospects

A driver’s license is an essential pre-requisite to employment for most employers.

Personal Independence

The ability for a person to be able to organize their life without the need to rely on someone else, or on the public transport system for transport.

Improved self-confidence

When circumstances have prevented a person from being able to get their license for so long, gaining a provisional license through the opportunity provided by the Easy P’s program a remarkable achievement.

Improved Educational outcomes

A motivation to be engaged in Education. That could either be as a student, or being the parent/guardian of student enrolled. If the privilege to be on this program and get a license is inspiration enough to cause a person to commit to and do their best with their study, then that is something will benefit not only the person but the community as well.

Community connectedness

Providing a person an opportunity to be connected to a responsible adult role model or mentor from the community and to develop a mentoring relationship.


Adding to the quality of life

There are many reasons why a person may not have the opportunity to get their license such as there being no suitable adult with a license to take them out or maybe no vehicle at home. For these people the Easy P’s program has been able to deliver some long term advantages that holding a license provides.

A young person with a license has a far greater chance to secure employment in this community, parents with young children who hold their license have far more opportunity to engage their children in social activities, being able to drive them to their sports games on Saturdays, or to community events on Sundays, or even just to the beach to have a barbecue with friends.

While a license is very valuable to the person, participants on the Easy P’s program are also shown how holding a license can be a very valuable thing to others as well. Once the learners reach a suitable standard of driving they can be involved in delivering breakfast foods for the breakfast programs of Devonport schools including Sheffield high and Railton primary school.

A simple response, a remarkable result

The thing that makes the Easy P’s program successful are the many wonderful mentor drivers from the community who have put their hands up to say “I will help you”!

For one single mother, with two small children at school, the opportunity to get her license couldn’t come soon enough. “I had two small children to look after, and worked a job at the same time. If I wanted to do the shopping, or take the kids to school, or go to work, or go out somewhere, I either had to walk or rely on someone else to take me. I was struggling to cope and was depressed, I had no self-confidence and didn’t feel very good about myself.

I met my mentor and very soon had enough driving hours and skills to get my provisional license. With a little help from friends I managed to get a cheap car of my own. The stress that has now been lifted from my family life, simply by having a license has been enormous, and I can now do all those things with my kids that normal people do.

Can you volunteer some of your time as a Learner Driver Mentor and begin to make a difference like this in our community?

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