Creating Hope- Serving Cambodia through change

Over 50 students have now participated directly in Creating Hope – Serving Cambodia by going to Cambodia since 2010. Many hundreds more from the Schools across the Devonport region have been involved in some way or another making this an initiative that is now embedded firmly into the calendar of this community. Whilst in Cambodia the team has opportunity to be directly involved in a whole range of significant projects including, building new toilets for school students, developing teaching resources, providing families with support, installing water filters, distributing health packs and constructing family homes and shelter.

The ongoing relationships from Creating Hope – Serving Cambodia are immense with many schools having a direct working relationship through sponsorship with Cambodian students and their families. This often starts with a simple sponsorship of a school desk, educational fees or other practical life changing contributions.

Lives Changed, now and forever!

There are now many young students who attend school in Cambodia who without the help of the “Creating Hope – Serving Cambodia” teams may never have had the opportunity of an education. Let alone ever afford it.

All this has happened through a whole bunch of young people in a local school, working together towards a common purpose to Create Hope and Serve in Cambodia! There is a young child now named “Hope” (named by the 2013 team) who has a future and a purpose due to the young people seeing the need this young child had for urgent medical intervention. On the spot they rounded up the money and made certain that this 4 month old had the operation they needed. As a result this young girl “Hope” has been protected from a future of crawling the streets of Cambodia begging.

Creating Hope results in many young people experiencing things that they will never forget and that will change their futures forever. Such things that will set them up to be amazingly compassionate and more understanding to the needs of others. “Creating Hope – Serving Cambodia” changes lives across the world, now and forever.


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