Equipping Communites for Mentoring

Our commitment to MENTORING is to serve and help communities accross Tasmania, large or small, and to ensure they have the tools and resources needed to make the mentoring relationship positive and life changing for all involved. To this end we have etablished Community Mentoring Tasmania. Our  vision is to ‘make the value of mentoring relationships an everyday part of community life’ and in this  ‘to see people in touch places flourish through one to one mentoring’

Community Mentoring Tasmania aims to: 

  • Expand peoples understanding of mentoring and the limitless forms it can take.
  • Help people understand the value and importance of mentoring (relationships) and the benefit it brings to the health and wellbeing of all involved.
  • Equip Communities to establish, provide and deliver reputable, accountable mentoring programs.
  • Empower Communities to take ownership of mentoring. Community Mentoring Tasmania works to encourage communities in the establishment of sustainable mentoring.
  • Impacting Communities – see people on tough places flourish.


Preparing you to be a Mentor

This training addresses core competencies that are most important for you to be a mentor. Equipping you to best prepared to make a difference in the life of another person.

A passion for Mentoring

Helping you estbalish a passion and understanding around the value and importance of mentoring. “Mentoring is a protected relationship in which learning and experimentation can occur, potential skills can be developed, and in which results can be measured in terms of competencies gained rather than curricular territory covered”.

Building the Relationships

The importance of building a positive reationhsip and what it takes for that to happen. Without relationship it is very hard to help or have input to another…it is a relationship rather than an activity”.

Self Esteem & Resilience

These are vital issues to understand when we’re trying to help someone through a challenging part of their life journey.

Active Listening and Communication

Being a good listener and having clear understanding of vital communications skills. Important skills you will use in helping to establish ongoing, positive and life changing relationships.

Conflict Management and Problem Solving

How do I confront a person in a caring way? What happens when problems arise in the mentoring relationship? These and others issues around conflict resolution in the context of mentoring are addressed within our training.

Confidentiality and Duty of Care

Creating a full and clear awareness of ones duty of care. Understanding the importance of confidentiality in good mentoring relationships. Ensuring you’re equipped in this very important area enabling you to make the most of your mentoring relationship.


Training for your Mentoring Program

All mentors engaged by Devonport Chaplaincy are screened, trained and equipped for mentoring in a School context. This tailored training program covers the key elements of mentoring but has been adapted to also cover mentoring in the educational setting. School staff are also involved in the training process. Every effort is made to ensure mentors have the needed resources that will support all in achieving their identified goals.

This training can be used in any mentoring or coaching context and has been designed to be easily adapted. The course manuals have been put together with a range of contexts in mind, making it easy to implement the training for your program.

Mentor Training – Changing our Community

This training has now equipped many mentors to work in schools, churches and community organisations across the Devonport Region as well as other parts of Tasmania. It is a highly versatile training package that will more than adequately equip individuals from across our communities to mentor. Here are some comments from past participants.

“Great tools, I feel so equipped now to do the job, cannot wait to be out there mentoring” “I would thoroughly recommend this training to others, I so recommend this as it equips for every part of life and relationships” “So good to see a diverse range of people come together from across a community with common desire to be trained and equipped to serve others”

This training course has now equipped mentors to work in Primary, High and the College setting as well as skills mentoring and academic tutoring.


Become A Mentor Today!


Do you want to become a Mentor? Do you have questions? Or are you ready to join our Chaplaincy team and become a valued Mentor? We would love to have you join our team. All you have to do is complete your details right here and we will get back to you asap, ready to answer your questions and give you all the information you need.