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As the one responsible for providing leadership to Devonport Chaplaincy I find structure is indeed a double-edged sword. On one hand, structure provides a vital framework for stability, organisation, and productivity, essential elements for running successful programs and initiatives aimed at helping others. However, it can also become restrictive, stifling creativity and flexibility, and potentially limiting the ability to adapt to changing circumstances or needs within the community. Balancing the benefits of structure with the need for adaptability and innovation is key to effectively serving those in need while remaining responsive to their evolving challenges and circumstances.

As we consider the Easter message, structure can be seen as both a friend and a foe. The truth of Easter itself is one of profound structure – the journey of sacrifice, death, and resurrection follows a carefully laid-out sequence. This structure provides a framework for our understanding and reflection on the significance of the Easter story for me as a Christian. 

However, just as structure can provide guidance and meaning in the Easter story, it can also hinder if it becomes rigid and dogmatic. The Easter message emphasises the transformative power of love, forgiveness, and renewal, which sometimes require breaking free from the constraints of established structures or traditions. Like the disciples who had to embrace uncertainty and change after Jesus’ resurrection, those who personally know the transforming power of the Easter message find themselves navigating the tension between honouring tradition and embracing the innovation and excitement of their faith journey in Jesus.

Ultimately, the Easter message teaches that while structure can provide stability and meaning, it must always be balanced with openness to new possibilities and the willingness to transcend boundaries in order to fully experience the transformative power of resurrection and renewal.

By Andrew Hillier

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