Making a Difference in Cambodia

Creating Hope – Serving Cambodia began as a joint enterprise between Devonport Chaplaincy and Devonport High School. Every two years a group of very excited young people journey to Cambodia where they work in schools, villages and other areas where they have the opportunity to “Create Hope” in the lives of others by simply just serving. Creating Hope – Serving Cambodia missions are now open to young people across the Devonport region. A range of trips and missions (other than the Devonport High trip) are now offered by Devonport Chaplaincy as part of Creating Hope – Serving Cambodia.

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The mission will normally include the chaplain, chaplaincy team, school staff, community sponsors, churches and key people from the Devonport community who regularly work and serve in Cambodia. This means “Creating Hope” has a huge impact on all. The whole community gets involved meaning its impact is felt by more than just those who go to Cambodia. These results are life changing, life adjusting and provide valuable life lessons that students carry forward into the future.

From its beginnings in 2010 the Chaplaincy team at Devonport worked with a number of students to determine some very clear aims that have helped make Creating Hope a life changing experience for every school and every student involved.

Creating Hope – Aims that bring change!

From its beginning “Creating Hope” had the following clearly identified aims, an opportunity to create positive futures in the lives of impoverished Cambodians and experiences which would provoke a readjustment of perspective on the value of life and the use of resources and opportunities to engage the community of Devonport High School in making a difference serving in Cambodia.

Creating Hope in Cambodia and Tasmania

This project is creating such hope for both the giver and the receiver. So many young local people now have been changed by the opportunity to work towards and be a part of this journey with Cambodia. The change has come about from the Joy of giving and creating hope in the life of another.

Serving others

As young people prepare for the journey they have opportunity to help and serve others, when they go to Cambodia, they help and serve others. This is such a great initiative structured around helping another. Life-Changing lessons that have a long-term impact.

Adjusting perspective

Students who go, students who stay, and students who fundraise… however, anyone involved, life perspectives are adjusted, particularly around the value of life and the resources we each have.

Engaging the whole School Community

A project that engages the whole school community. This happens as students have opportunity to share the experience of preparation and the physical journey. Fundraising initiatives, liaising with Sponsors. Past experiences has seen “Creating Hope” be a catalyst for significant unity across the whole school community focused around a common purpose of making a difference in the lives of others.

Supported, Structured and Prepared!

Under the guidance of the Devonport Chaplaincy team all involved in Creating Hope go through a rigorous and structured preparation process around what they will observe and experience. Strong support networks are setup for the whole school community to ensure that this brings a positive experience.

Opportunity for all

Devonport Chaplaincy, through a student sponsorship program is committed to ensuring that all students regardless of background or financial circumstances have opportunity to participate directly in the trip to Cambodia. The selection process involves the School and Chaplain.

Creating Hope through change

Over 50 students have now participated directly in Creating Hope by going to Cambodia since 2010. Many hundreds more from the Schools across the Devonport region have been involved in some way or another making this an initiative that is now embedded firmly into the calendar of this community. Whilst in Cambodia the team has opportunity to be directly involved in a whole range of significant projects including, building new toilets for school students, developing teaching resources, providing families with support, installing water filters, distributing health packs and constructing family homes and shelter. DONATE NOW

The ongoing relationships from Creating Hope” are immense with many schools having a direct working relationship through sponsorship with Cambodian students and their families. This often starts with a simple sponsorship of a school desk, educational fees or other practical life changing contributions.

Lives Changed, now and forever!

There are now many young students who attend school in Cambodia who without the help of the “Creating Hope” teams may never have had the opportunity of an education. Let alone ever afford it.

All this has happened through a whole bunch of young people in a local school, working together towards a common purpose to “Create Hope” in Cambodia! There is a young child now named “Hope” (named by the 2013 team) who has a future and a purpose due to the young people seeing the need this young child had for urgent medical intervention. On the spot they rounded up the money and made certain that this 4 month old had the operation they needed. As a result this young girl “Hope” has been protected from a future of crawling the streets of Cambodia begging.

Creating Hope results in many young people experiencing things that they will never forget and that will change their futures forever. Such things that will set them up to be amazingly compassionate and more understanding to the needs of others. Creating Hope changes lives across the world, now and forever.


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