Become a Community Mentor

There are many mentoring opportunities across the Devonport Community and in our Schools, Primary, High & College. The key to “Mentoring” is relationship and provides the opportunity to significantly impact the life of a young person or family through positive relationship.

In the School context, students who have a Mentor have shown a marked increase in schoolwork and socialising with classmates along with a decrease in disruptive behaviour, and inattention in class. This is a happy situation for all concerned the parent, teacher, class, and most importantly the student. The long-term benefits of this are significant. Think of this in terms of the benefits to our community let alone the fact that young people have the opportunity to leave school with purpose, direction and value to their lives.

You can be a part of this significant community impact! What is the time Commitment? Mentors are required to commit to a minimum of 70 minutes per week over a 12 month period, not including school holidays. However Mentors can do more if they wish.



Become a Learner Driver Mentor

The Easy P’s Learner Driver Mentor program helps students of Devonport, and their families obtain their provisional driver’s license, where they would otherwise have no access to a suitable vehicle or supervisory driver. Eligible participants are matched with a suitable licensed volunteer Mentor driver, who helps them gain valuable driving experience in a range of different  driving conditions, and their 50 hours of supervised driving time that is required to advance from a learner to a provisional license.

As a mentor you’re having a significant impact on someone’s future by helping them get their license. By simply gaining a license, a young persons life circumstances can be positively changed, opening up life options and employability prospects so necessary for good self-esteem in this community.

What is the time Commitment? Mentors are required to commit to a minimum of 60 minutes per week. However Mentors are free to do more if they wish.

Become a Breakfast Club Team Member

This project identifies and addresses the needs of disadvantaged students in our Devonport Schools, by helping our schools provide a nutritious “BREKKIE” to get the day underway.

This a vital service as the provision of good nutrition to start the day has been proven to significantly increase learning capacity.

The Food 4 Thought program is helping to significantly improve children’s social skills, helping promote links between parents and school and children and class teachers, improving the punctuality of children who are frequently late, improving children’s health and concentration levels. Results like this are worth the effort. Food 4 Thought is provides a significant contribution to our future generation.

What is the time Commitment? Working at Breakfast Club usually requires commitment of at least 1 to 1.5 hours per school day. However you can choose to do 1 or more days each week.


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